Year 8 for Wild Blossom is a pause year.

Every season presents new challenges and opportunities. 

This season will give some of the beds a rest.  Tending to some family responsibilities will take precedence over tending to plants for a little while.

We’ll continue to grow on a smaller scale this year, but won’t be a regular at the farmers market, or operate the CSA.

We’ll keep the perennials in good shape, and keep an eye toward a return to normal when circumstances allow.




This was a difficult decision, but ultimately, the right one.  


Change is hard, and harder still when that change pulls you away from the community of people who support and appreciate local food, grown and harvested with care.  We’ll do our best to stay involved, and hopefully be able to show up for a market or two.


Thanks so much for all of your support!!


From the Farm

A look at some of the wide variety grown here