A new year, but some familiar challenges.

We’re hopeful that by the time markets start, Covid will finally be under some measure of control.

As a reminder, any produce you purchase from Wild Blossom Farm has only ever been touched by me – whether in the field, or while being washed and packed. 

I believe in the value of local, regenerative agriculture for many reasons, with the health benefits of real food being primary among them.  I will never do anything to jeopardize that.  



We will not be doing pre-orders this season, unless reality necessitates it.  Online ordering will be open every other week for Supporting Members.  Otherwise you will find us at the markets!

I am hopeful for a year filled with joyful moments.  I think we’re all overdue.  But maybe I’m just speaking for me.

I’m also hopeful we agree to carry a little more of the burden of personal responsibility to just be a little more loving…of others and of ourselves to make it all possible.  But maybe I’m just speaking for me.



From the Farm

A look at some of the wide variety of what grows here